Tissue-Tek O.C.T. The compound is used to rapidly embed fresh tissue samples for frozen sections using a cryostat. Tissue-Tek O.C.T. The compound is a formulation of clear, water-soluble glycols and resins that provides a solid matrix to encapsulate tissue samples and adhere to the sample holder for uniform cutting at a cryostat operating temperature of -10 ┬░ C and below.

Unwanted background staining is removed as no residue remains on the slides during staining.

O.C.T stands for optimum cutting temperature. The high viscosity of the Tissue-Tek O.C.T compound results in quick-freezing for optimal section quality.

OCT Compound is sold in 4 oz (118 ml) squeeze bottles; 12/box.

Features & Benefits

  • Water-soluble resins and glycols
  • No background spots
  • Tissue remains on the slide
  • High viscosity
  • Holds and holds tissue in place for quick insertion
  • Fast freeze for fast response time (TAT)
  • The clear and consistent resin formulation
  • Provides an even cut with minimal sectional curl


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