FastAmp Plant Tissue/Seed Genotyping Kit is appropriate for amplification of DNA at once from plant samples with out purifying DNA. This package is primarily based totally on mainly engineered Taq DNA polymerase, proprietary buffer system, dNTP, MgCl2, PCR facilitators and dye blend which makes it extraordinarily strong and tolerant of plant PCR inhibitors such as complicated polysaccharides, polyphenols and others.

This PCR grasp blend has been examined with leaves and seeds from a huge kind of plant species. This package consists of a entire set of optimized reagents and targeted protocols making it a perfect preference for excessive-throughput genotyping from diverse Plant tissue/seeds with out DNA purification steps .

Paraffin Wax Dispenser
Paraffin wax, granular (56 - 60)
Paraffin wax, granular (56 - 60)
8KG Histoplast PE Paraffin
Paraffin oil, BP, Ph. Eur. grade


  •  Direct PCR- no want to purify DNA
  • Specially engineered Taq DNA polymerase with maximum sensitivity and specificity
  • Extremely brief PCR protocol instances
  • Master blend layout with premixed gel loading dye to lessen cross-infection and pattern handling errors

Optimized for each low and excessive GC templates


  •  Genotyping
  • Transgene detection
  • Knockout analysis
  • Sequencing

Quality Control Assays

FastAmp Plant Tissue/Seed Genotyping Kit has been examined with tissue from a huge kind of plant species.

Technical Support Intact

Genomics is devoted to helping the worldwide clinical studies network via way of means of providing the maximum first-rate reagents. Each new lot of our merchandise is examined to make certain they meet the first-rate requirements and specifications unique for the product. Please observe the commands cautiously and speak to us if extra help is needed. We recognize your enterprise and your remarks concerning the overall performance of our merchandise on your applications.

General Guidelines Before Starting

A. Sample handling 5mm x 5mm reduce leaf tissue or 2mg seed powder have to be located in 20µl of FastAmp® Plant Direct PCR/ Genotyping Solution. Then the pattern have to be mixed very well and incubated at room temperature for 5min. No want to warmness the pattern to lyse the tissue.

B. PCR conditions

B-1. Denaturation An preliminary denaturation of eight mins at 95°C is enough for maximum amplicons. Longer denaturation instances can be used (up to ten mins) for tough templates. During thermocycling, the denaturation step have to be stored to a minimum. Typically, a 20–30 2nd denaturation at 95°C is usually recommended for maximum templates. B-2. Annealing Optimize the annealing temperatures for the goal gene particular amplification via way of means of preserving annealing temperature at the least five ºC underneath Tm values. Typically, use a 10–30 2nd annealing step. A temperature gradient can also be used to optimize the annealing temperature for each primer pair. During thermocycling, the denaturation step have to be stored to a minimum. Typically, a 20–30 2nd denaturation at 95°C is usually recommended for maximum templates.

B-3. Extension The advocated extension temperature is 72°C. Extension instances are normally 1 minute in step with kb for complicated genomic samples however this may be decreased to 30 seconds in step with kb for easy templates.

B-4. Cycle number Generally, 35–forty cycles yield enough product.

B-5. Primers Forward and opposite primers are normally used on the final attention of 0.1-0.6 µM each. If the primer attention is simply too excessive, the specificity of priming may also be decreased, ensuing in non-particular merchandise. B-6. PCR product The PCR merchandise generated the use of Taq DNA Polymerase have dA ends. If cloning is the subsequent step, then T/A-cloning is preferred.

Plant Preservative Mixture

PCT01 Plant Cell Technology 30 ml 108 EUR

Plant Preservative Mixture

PCT02 Plant Cell Technology 100 ml 898.8 EUR

Plant Preservative Mixture

PCT03 Plant Cell Technology 250 ml 372 EUR

Plant Preservative Mixture

PCT04 Plant Cell Technology 500 ml 540 EUR

Plant Preservative Mixture PPM

PCT05 Plant Cell Technology 1000 ml 958.8 EUR

Kathon CG Preservative, 25ML

X129-25ML Arbor Assays 25ML 59 EUR

CA 125 protein (preservative free)

30-AC21P Fitzgerald 50 KU 522 EUR

CD70 antibody (Preservative Free)

10R-CD70bHUP Fitzgerald 100 ug 1737.6 EUR

CEA protein (Preservative-free)

30-AC25P Fitzgerald 1 mg 496.8 EUR

CEA protein (Preservative-free)

30-AC30P Fitzgerald 500 ug 451.2 EUR

Aqua-Tec Water Preservation Cell

WAT1200 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK4 555.6 EUR

Specimen Preservation Reagent

DA0970 Daan Gene 100 test/kit Ask for price

Tegosept 25kg Fly Food Preservative

FLY1288 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 3031.2 EUR

TOC Total Org Carb Std 750ppm w/ Preservative

TOC750P Scientific Laboratory Supplies 500ML 249.6 EUR

Flystuff (20-259) Tegosept 5kg Fly Food Preservative

FLY1046 Scientific Laboratory Supplies EACH 476.54 EUR

Placental Lactogen protein (Preservative-free) (> 95% pure)

30C-CP1015 Fitzgerald 1 mg 386.4 EUR

BD P100 Blood Collection System for Plasma Protein Preservation

366448 Scientific Laboratory Supplies PK24 1652.4 EUR


PCR-MPX218-48D Bioingentech
PCR-MPX218-96D Bioingentech
MULTIPLEX KIT PCR Babesia & Theileria PCR kit
PCR-MPX401-48D Bioingentech
MULTIPLEX KIT PCR Babesia & Theileria PCR kit
PCR-MPX401-96D Bioingentech
Blood PCR Kit
20-abx09801320ulSystems Abbexa


1. Thaw 2x grasp blend, Plant Direct PCR/Genotyping Solution, primers and blend very well and spin down earlier than use.

2. Cut 5mm x 5mm leaf tissue in 1.5ml tube or ninety six well plate and upload 20µl FastAmp® Direct PCR/Genotyping Solution and blend very well

3. Mix the response aggregate very well. five. Program the thermal cycler consistent with the manufacturer’s commands. A regular PCR biking software is mentioned withinside

4. Place the PCR tubes withinside the thermal cycler and begin the biking software.

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