A developing market the on location testing arrangements market has seen critical development throughout recent years, with the worldwide market size assessed to be esteemed at 2bn USD in 2020. This incorporates food and feed examination as well as ecological and clinical examples also. The development is ascribed to the clients requirement for quick and solid test results as these in-house testing research facilities face
mounting strain to meet new administrative and client norms, meanwhile guaranteeing quality and the convenientarrival of safe item.

Eurofins Technologies:

symptomatic units, instruments and custom administrations Eurofins Technologies is a worldwide supplier of quick, solid,furthermore, simple to utilize analytic test units and instrumentsin the fields of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed,ecological, biopharma, and clinical ventures.The in-house R&D groups have mastery in creating a wide scope of imaginative strategies and applications to meet the testing needs of both examination and industry.

Food allergens are proteins in food which can set off hypersensitive, now and then in any event, lifethreatening responses in sharpened people. Indeed, even very low allergen fixations are adequate to cause hypersensitive side effects. 90% of all food sensitivities are brought about by the following 8 normal food classes: milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat also, soy.
EU mandate 2003/89/EC requires food makers to mark their items with all fixings possibly equipped for causing hypersensitive responses. Moreover the mandate incorporates a rundown of food fixings delegated being potential allergens or intolerants.
Numerous different nations overall have comparative regulation requiring food producers to
mark items possibly containing allergens.

SENSISpec Allergen Detection ELISA Kits

Guaranteeing that low-level is basic pollutions are not missed during the on location investigation, bringing about misleading adverse outcomes being delivered. Dependable and fast arrangements, such as the allergen ELISA packs presented by Eurofins Advancements will improve and streamline in-house testing processes.

SENSIStrip Lateral Flow Tests 

The parallel stream measures are the ideal device to control any likely cross-pollution with
food allergens, keeping away from outer investigations and along these lines impressively diminishing the time expected to discharge a food item cluster to the market.With a couple of moments of brooding time, the tests give an exceptionally simple to-involve method for
sufficient control at various phases of the food fabricating process, across food frameworks,
flush water and gear.

Key Benefits of the ELISA Kits

  • Fast and touchy technique with low cutoff points
    of discovery
  • Quantitative outcomes
  • Basic test design

 Nutrient ANALYSIS

Nutrients are fundamental supplements for the development, advancement, and upkeep of cells,tissues, and organs. Nutrients are named either water-dissolvable or fat-solvent. For
people, there are 13 nutrients: 4 fat-dissolvable (A, D, E, and K) and 9 water-solvent (8 B
nutrients and L-ascorbic acid). These supplements are commonly gotten through the utilization of food or dietary enhancements, which are dependent upon nutrient testing to meet explicitmarking prerequisites. Eurofins Technologies offers ELISA packs and immunoaffinity segments (IAC) for the location furthermore, sanitization of the accompanying nutrients: Biotin (Vitamin H or Vitamin B7), Folic corrosive and Vitamin B12.


To forestall the spread of foodborne microorganisms, fast and dependable checking of food
creation, stockpiling and exchange is fundamental.Traditional social strategies for microbes are time-concentrated and relentless. The utilization of quick sub-atomic techniques is turning out to be progressively significant for microbiological research centers. Solid and especially touchy, continuous PCR is a significant technique in present day food examination and conveys significantly quicker results than the old style discovery techniques.
Not with standing continuous PCR, ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay) examines
keep on assuming a significant part in food microorganism discovery. ELISA packs are described by their quick time required to circle back, usability, and moderately little impression in the research facility.


Because of countless viral food-related flare-ups, the identification of infections in food is an significant issue in sanitation. Customarily even low groupings of an infection can prompt extreme wellbeing results, like gastrointestinal or liver contaminations.The VIRSeek Solution offers a comprehensive, ISO-consistent work process from the RNA extraction to the particular location of norovirus genogroups I, norovirus genogroups II furthermore, hepatitis An infection. Moreover the interaction control murine norovirus (MNV) guarantees the right extraction strategy and identification of the infections all through. MYCOTOXINS The expression “mycotoxin” recognizes a group of poisonous optional metabolites created by molds. Many mycotoxins exist in nature, but just a chosen handful are applicable tothe agro-food industry: aflatoxins, deoxynivalenol, fumonisins, ochratoxin, T-2 and HT-2 poisons and zearalenone. Creatures consuming feed defiled with mycotoxins endure as well as trigger a cascading type of influence bringing about extraordinary monetary misfortunes across the entire animals industry and putting further gamble to human wellbeing upon utilization of tainted food sources of creature beginning, similar to drain. These mixtures have allegedly been related with different human and creature illnesses and they are a deeply grounded danger to grains and different wares.
Mycotoxins concern not just in grains, espresso, cocoa, wine and flavors, but at the same time are a applicable to the dairy business, specifically for the presence of aflatoxin M1. Moreover, concern has been developing since new poisons and isoforms, to be specific covered mycotoxins, were found as of late Hereditarily MODIFIED Life forms (GMO). Development of hereditarily altered (GM) crops has expanded fundamentally all over the planet over the years. This expansion underway has been joined with a complex and always developing worldwide administrative endorsement process for GM items, accordingly requiring the testing of food and horticultural items for hereditarily changed content to work with global exchange.

Eurofins GeneScan Real-Time PCR GMO Kits
Eurofins GeneScan is perceived overall for its mastery and driving execution in the field of
bio-sub-atomic testing for GMOs. Our PCR techniques for GMO screening, distinguishing proof and evaluation have been adjusted to the unstable and current market circumstance and are confirmed everyday.Units are accessible both for traditional PCR or continuous PCR, for screening, ID and evaluation.

Genomic DNA - Bovine Female

D1B34999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Human Female

D1234999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Mouse Female

D1334999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Rat Female

D1434999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Dog Female

D1734999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Rabbit Female

D1834999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Porcine Female

D1934999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Chicken Female

D1C34999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Hamster Female

D1H34999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Horse Female

D1O34999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Cynomolgus Monkey Female

D1534999-Cy-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Rhesus Monkey Female

D1534999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Guinea Pig Female

D1G34999-G02 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

Genomic DNA - Bovine Male

D1B34999-G01 Biochain 100 ug 225.6 EUR

T4 UvsX DNA Recombinase - 100µg

3562 Intact Genomics 1/EA 428.4 EUR

Genomic DNA Kit

20-abx098076 Abbexa
  • 526.80 EUR
  • 292.80 EUR
  • 200 rxns
  • 50 rxns

Human Genomic DNA

BIO-35025 Bioline 500µl @ 200ng/µl Ask for price

ELISA Kits and Lateral Flow Devices for GMO Detection
The ELISA test units give a precise and dependable answer for check the presence or the shortfall of embedded attribute in individual leaf, seed or mass grain.Our parallel stream gadgets empower a quick on location GMO recognition in cotton, corn, soybean and mustard/canola


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