Early detection & prevention is the key to well being. Studies prove that several genes influence various aspects of wellness – from nutrition, metabolism and heart health to immunity, brain function, gut health and more. Genomepatri™ is the ultimate DNA-based wellness test, which provides you with a 360° view of your health. Get a glimpse into diet, fitness and wellness secrets hidden in your DNA, by unravelling your genetic code.


Genomepatri is a comprehensive assessment of genetic risk for lifestyle disease, predisposition to traits, carrier status and drug responses. By decoding an individual’s DNA and analyzing certain regions of the genome known to be associated with a health condition, Genomepatri is the first step to chalking out a proactive, preventive, personalized and powerful health regime by evaluating ~750000 marker genes for SNPs. This data is extensively mapped for known associations which translate into your unique health profile, i.e., Genomepatri.

What is Genomepatri?

Genomepatri analyses your genetic predisposition to about a 100+ conditions, traits, inherited conditions, as well as drug response profile. This is a once-in-a-lifetime test, giving you valuable information that will guide you through the rest of your life. This test includes a personalized, one-on-one genetic counseling session either on Phone, or Skype with board-certified genetic counselors. This guidance is crucial for you to be able to make the right changes in your lifestyle, diet, and health checkups; helping you stay one step ahead of any disease.Please find below an overview of the complete process for your reference: – Saliva Sample collected in a Specialized Kit that is designed to keep sample stable for 90 days at room temp – DNA Extraction and Quality – Check SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) Genotyping and Data Generation – Data Analysis – Your Report Health Coach and Genetic counseling The markers we look for in your DNA are called SNPs or single nucleotide polymorphisms (variations) associated with a given health condition. These Genetic variations are responsible for an individual’s unique appearance, e.g., the color of skin/eyes, type of hair (curly, smooth), etc. Personal genomics can be used to predict many of your physical attributes and behavioral traits, and also the predisposition to health conditions. In most cases, these variations are passed on to the next generation (offspring).The entire process would take about 6-8 weeks time for the complete report to be generated from the sample collection time. This test can be taken as a preventive health checkup.
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Various conditions like Diabetes, Obesity, Myocardial Infarction can be mitigated by lifestyle interventions.

Alternatives to traditional medicine. Interventions could help open different treatment avenues, and understand drug response & efficacy.

Provides more insight to your healthcare providers, Cost effective and saves huge amounts on life insurance.

Moving ahead of your times, and understanding the growing demand of technology you need to be better equipped for the future.

Understanding your body specific nutritive requirements, metabolism and lifestyle patterns, personalising diet and exercise based regimes.

Getting tested early is key to better health management. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Hyderabad based Mapmygenome announces the launch of a new product Genomepatri™ Immunity. It contains genetic risk factors for an array of immune system diseases along with some lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease and other comorbidities that affect overall health status and immune function and thus, the severity of symptoms/infection.

The report also includes a person’s genetic response to a variety of drugs including antivirals and antifungals, and levels of various vitamins and minerals.

Anu Acharya, Mapmygenome CEO said, “The Genomepatri Immunity report is a result of extensive hours of hard work put in by our expert team. While this is not a diagnostic test, we see its tremendous potential in prevention and improving patient outcomes. A good immune response is a key in defeating COVID-19.  Genomepatri Immunity is intended to enable us to strengthen ourselves and fight COVID-19 and other diseases better.  The report also covers how we respond to drugs that may be used during treatment and that will be very useful to treating physicians.”

Genetic factors related to immunity play a very important role in SARS-CoV pathogenesis and many genes have been tested for their association with infection. Inter-individual variation in coronavirus susceptibility may be caused by polymorphisms (small variations) in genes. Carriers of certain genetic variants are more likely to suffer from severe coronavirus infection. This report helps individuals in self-isolation watch out for the earliest presenting symptoms if exposed to the virus. Medical professionals can identify patients at risk for cytokine storms and use the pharmacogenomics information to devise personalised treatment plans.


Mapmygenome’s current Genomepatri customers have already received a free COVID-19 Immunity and Risk panel report.  This report contains SARS-CoV susceptibility and severity (cytokine storm) and predicts genetic predisposition to immunity associated disease risk factors, nutrition elements such as Zinc and Vitamin levels as well as response to medications such as Chloroquine and Abacavir.

Your genes play a decisive role in your overall health. Although factors like
physical fitness and lifestyle have a major say in your health, it is the genes
that encode the bigger picture. This is where GenomePatri changes
things. This acclaimed scientific tool is a simple saliva- based test that tracks
your inherited and acquired genetic health risks. The results give insights
into weaknesses in your immunity, genetic predisposition to certain health
conditions, drug efficacy, sensitivities and more, helping you pre-empt a
majority of these risks.

Mapmygenome is a pioneer in personal genomics in India, with:
• Thousands of satisfied customers
• 14+ years of experience and expertise in genomics
• Data validated by Gold Standard databases
• Data confidentiality powered by secure Biotracker™ LIMS
• Compliance to GxP guidelines and regulatory requirements
• Long-term engagement with customers,including updates
• Options for extended genetic counseling to manage health risks


The way we diagnose and treat diseases is changing, with new technologies enabled by a deeper understanding of the human genome and its relationship to health and disease.

In HMX Fundamentals Genetics, you’ll get an overview of fundamental concepts behind the evolving fields of human genetics, genomics, and precision medicine.

This online certificate course is led by Harvard Medical School faculty and features:

  • detailed animations and illustrations of medical concepts
  • clinical application videos including real doctor-patient interactions
  • ongoing, rigorous assessments to ensure content mastery


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