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User-friendly Guide to the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Botswana faces a growing challenge of caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). The HIV epidemic has caused a vast increase in the number of OVC and has overstretched the community and family support networks they depend on for support. To enhance coordination and standardization of multisectoral responses to the needs of OVC, the Ministry of Local Government adopted National Guidelines on the Care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in 2008. The guidelines are intended to serve as pointers to organisations and individuals working or intending to work with orphans and vulnerable children by promoting effective responses and discouraging harmful practices. The Ministry of Local Government, Department of Social Services—in partnership with the Marang Child Care Network Trust and with technical assistance and financial support from Task Order 1 of the USAID | Health Policy Initiative—drafted this User-friendly Guide to ensure wider awareness of the content of the OVC Guidelines and the Children's Act by service providers, caregivers, children, police officers, social workers, and the community at large.