Promotion Of Faithfulness among Couples In Uganda as an HIV Prevention Strategy - CSO

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UPHOLD - CSO decided to make a contribution towards meeting the growing need to support HIV/AIDS prevention among sexually active couples and individuals. Couple be-faithful promotional activities were initiated among Civil Society Organizations through Tukolerewamu (TUKO) Club and later on with CHAIN Foundation. The project targeted married men and women, regardless of HIV status, religious affiliation, or marriage type. It was implemented in 25 Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in 18 districts in the country.

Goal of the Practice
  • To increase the number of couples reporting to be practicing mutual faithfulness by end of the project period.
Core Components
  • Conducted a baseline survey and used the data to develop indicators for monitoring performance.
  • Designed and printed a Trainer's manual on faithfulness that guided the training of 'model' couples. A model couple is one with exemplary behaviour with regard to marriage ideals within the community.
  • Selected 25 CSO representatives and trained them as trainers in promotion of mutual faithfulness and community dialogue (in partnership with the Office of the First Lady (OAFLA) in Uganda).
  • The trained trainers from the 25 CSOs recruited 375 "Model couples" from the community. These were trained in basic counseling skills, community mobilization on key faithfulness messages and how to handle difficult questions. This was to enable them share information and counsel other couples, individual men and women on mutual faithfulness at lower levels.
  • The 375 couples conducted home visits and reached out to their neighbors, friends, in-laws and other community members.
Noteworthy Results
  • Results from the Lot quality Surveys (LQAS) indicate that 14% of individuals who received HCT services in 2007 did so as a couple compared to 5% in 2005 and 10% in 2006 (UPHOLD Annual Reports). Most couples are mobilized on HCT by their peers.
  • The number of adults, including couples, reached with Be-faithful messages increased from 217,179 in 2006 to 343,042 in 2007 (58% increase).
  • Testimonies have become a common feature of community mobilization strategies which focus on enhancing communication and reducing gender based violence among spouses.
  • The approach has generated resource materials including success stories on behavior change among couples and these continue to be used (as resource materials) by couples.
Lessons Learned
  • The use of community owned resource persons as implementers has created a resource base of skilled persons in each district.
  • There has also been increased community participation and enhanced family decision making and communication as a result of this approach.
Focus Areas
Counseling and Testing
Implemented By
JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.
Participating Organization
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Constella Futures
  • The Malaria Consortium
  • The Manoff Group Inc
  • World Education Inc.
  • Education Development Centre
  • (TUKOLEREWAMU CLUB, CHAIN FOUNDATION and about 25 other CSOs that have partnered with UPHOLD to promote faithfulness among couples)
Target Population
  • Adults (over 18)
  • Males
  • Females
> 50000
Implementation Years
02/2006 - 07/2008