The One Man Can Campaign supports men and boys to take action to end domestic and sexual violence and to promote healthy, equitable relationships that both men and women can enjoy passionately, respectfully and fully.

Goal of the Practice
  • Use formative research and monitoring and evaluation strategies to increase knowledge and understanding of how to engage diverse groups of men in urban and rural areas,including traditional leaders, through formative research and the ongoing dissemination of project findings.
  • Strengthen the commitment and capacity of civil society organizations to work with men to reduce gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS and promote gender equality, including through the use of rights-based activism.
  • Develop communications strategies that shift social norms about men's roles and responsibilities in achieving gender equality.
  • Educate traditional leaders on how to address gender-based violence, promote gender equality and reduce the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS and support them to take decisive action.
  • Increase men's use of HIV services such as STI treatment, VCT and support groups.
Core Components
  • An Action Kit that provides men with resources to act on their concerns about domestic and sexual violence. It includes materials such as stickers, clothing, posters, music, video clips, and fact sheets. The Action Kit provides specific information and strategies on how men can support survivors of sexual violence, use the law to demand justice, educate children early and often, challenge other men to take action, make schools safer for girls and boys and raise awareness in religious centers.
  • Workshops held in communities, prisons and work environments that bring men together to discuss gender norms, how these norms perpetuate negative cycles of violence and HIV/AIDS transmission, and how they can be successfully broken-down to provide for healthier and equitable relationships between men and women.
  • Murals that advocate for women's empowerment, gender equality and HIV/AIDS awareness.
Noteworthy Results
  • As of July 31st, 2007, Sonke trained 465 people in 6 provinces to implement OMC activities
  • Conducted 2-4 day workshops to over 2000 people in 6 provinces
  • Reached tens of thousands of people through community initiatives
Lessons Learned
  • Sonke Gender Justice is trying to move beyond workshops and small events to engage men and women in broader activism and campaigns. The goal is to enlist many more organizations and communities and to develop a national response. Sonke's One Man Can campaign is one reflection of the broadened approach.
Focus Areas
Implemented By
Sonke Gender Justice Network
Participating Organization
South Africa
Target Population
  • Adults (over 18)
  • Males
25000 - 50000
Implementation Years
11/2006 - 12/2008