Geração Biz

Category 2

The Geração Biz Program was established to respond to the sexual and reproductive health needs of Mozambican youth aged 10 - 24, through activities developed with young people at schools and in the communities to equip them with relevant information and skills, including education towards HIV prevention, life skills and access to clinical services.

Goal of the Practice
  • To offer an improved access to SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health), including information, education and counseling to young people at schools and in the communities, through the establishment of youth friendly specialized reproductive clinical and counseling services (YFS).
  • To increase the awareness and adoption of safe, responsible and sensible sexual and reproductive behaviour
  • To increase use of reproductive health services by young people at schools and in the communities
  • To strengthen mechanisms for the involvement of youth of both sexes in all the aspects of the program, as well as to promote gender and equity sensitizations as a fundamental component of SRH activities in the human rights perspective; and
  • To develop the technical and institutional capacity of the government ministries involved, their partners and civil society to plan, implement and monitor the activities of the sector.
Core Components
  • Multi-Sector Approach - the various ministries involved in GBP implement their different interventions in coordination with the others.
  • Service Provision - access to quality health services through activities conducted in schools, communities, and in youth-friendly clinics.
  • Institutional Capacity Building - includes four components; Skills, Tolls/Instruments, Staff and Infrastructure, and Structures, Systems, and Roles.
  • Advocacy - for adolescents and young people's rights and needs.
Noteworthy Results
  • There are currently 149 Youth Friendly Services (YFS) nationwide that have serviced over 140,000 youths.
  • The KAP study of youth in the communities conducted in Zambezia, Tete, Gaza, and Maputo Provinces and in Maputo City showed that most of the youth have heard about Geração Biz Program (72.1%), and the highest level of knowledge is in Gaza province (84.3%).
  • Since the introduction of the program, a number of young people visiting Youth Friendly Services has increased. Whereas in there were 39 000 visits, in 2005 the figure reached 140,000.
Lessons Learned
  • Establishing partnerships with the public sector, including for cost-sharing, and ensuring that Youth FS services are available in existing public clinics is essential for the success of large scale, sustainable YFS programs.
  • In addition to minimizing costs and making optimal use of resources, a multi-sectoral approach facilitates an integrated vision and increases coverage of the target group.
  • Providing VCT within a broad range of Youth Friendly Services can serve as an entry point for young males to receive other ASRH services.
  • Youth Friendly Services that ensure privacy and confidentiality from competent and friendly providers are in demand and increasingly being accessed by youth in Mozambique.
  • In the future, Youth Friendly Services should include VCT and antiretroviral therapy in the broad package of services provided to young people.
Focus Areas
Counseling and Testing
Implemented By
Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education and Culture
Participating Organization
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Pathfinder International provide technical assistance to GBP
Clinic/Health facility
Target Population
Adolescents (ages 13-17)
> 50000
Implementation Years
01/1999 - 12/2008