Centre for Positive Care

Category 1

The vision of CPC is to reduce the infection rates of STIs and HIV and to improve the quality of life for people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. The approach of the CPC is to enable people in communities to create community-based projects that offer prevention, HBC and OVC services. CPC provides ongoing technical and financial support to approximately fifty such community projects. The main services offered through the projects include peer education and lay counseling, home based care, OVC support, and income generation activities.

Goal of the Practice
  • Strengthen the capacity of families to care for OVC.
  • Mobilize community-based responses for care, support, and protection of OVC.
  • Ensure that legislation, policy, and programmes are in place to protect the most vulnerable children.
  • Ensure access to essential services for OVC.
  • Increase awareness and advocacy regarding OVC issues / Engage the business community to support OVC actively
Core Components
  • Support for HBC Caregivers and CCF Members
  • Home Visits
  • Child Care Forums
  • Partnerships and Linkages with Local Institutions
  • Resource Center and Children's Club
Noteworthy Results
  • Nationally CPC is well regarded as a training provider in home-based care and counseling skills.
  • CPC's good reputation with and inclusion of community members has helped reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and OVC.
Lessons Learned
  • A wide network of contacts has helped secure resources and services for OVC.
  • Local chiefs have a great deal of influence and authority in the communities and can be key allies.
Focus Areas
Implemented By
Centre for Positive Care
Participating Organization
South Africa
Target Population
Children (ages 2-12)
5000 - 10000
Implementation Years
01/1993 - 12/2008