100% Condom Use Programme

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The 100% condom use programme is a collaborative program between local authorities (health services, police, public security, local governor or government office) and all sex entertainment establishments (owners, managers and sex workers) that aims to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and STIs by assuring high condom use among sex workers and clients. The main characteristic of the program is the empowerment of sex workers to be able to practice ''No condom -- No sex'' in sex work everywhere. Nationwide implementation of such a program is expected to reduce transmission of HIV and STIs among sex workers and clients effectively, and to stop the spread of HIV into the general population.

Goal of the Practice
  • The program aims to promote the use of condoms 100% of the time in 100% of risky sexual relations and in 100% of the sex entertainment establishments in a large geographic area.
Core Components
  • Awareness raising
  • Consensus building between AIDS groups, authorities and sex establishments
  • Logistical support (condoms, water-soluble lubricants, STI services and educational materials)
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
Noteworthy Results
  • 90% condom use since 1992
  • Annual incidence of STIs at national level dropped from almost 400,000 cases per year before the program started to less than 15,000 cases per year since 2000 (> 95% reduction)
  • Program has been successfully replicated in seven other Asian countries
Lessons Learned
  • The specific needs of different types of sex establishments may vary and programs must adapt to these needs in order to maximize effectiveness.
  • Future prevention efforts must also strongly promote condom use with non-commercial partners for both clients and sex workers.
  • The political commitment translated into a consistent supply of good quality condoms for distribution free of charge to sex establishments, which became a critical component of the program.
Focus Areas
Implemented By
Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Participating Organization
Target Population
Sex Workers (SW)
> 50000
Implementation Years
11/1990 - ongoing