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Model Methodology

  • Uses default values from the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modeling, and Projections.
  • Utilizes the Estimation and Projection Package (EPP) model developed by UNAIDS for its HIV incidence input assumptions.
  • EPP is used to estimate and project adult HIV prevalence from surveillance data.

Questions Answered

Estimates ART need and impact.

  • How many people require ART?
  • What is the unit cost and how much does it require?
  • What are the annual costs for ARVs, tuberculosis (TB) treatment, labs, OI treatment and prophylaxis, nutrition, and service delivery costs for the HIV national program?
  • How many infections averted, and what is the cost per infection averted?

Program Areas

Opportunistic infectionn treatment and service delivery costs, first and second line ARV treatment and service delivery costs, nutrition, TB prophylaxis, cotrimoxazole, and laboratory tests

Data Outputs

  • The number of people who need ART, annual costs for ARVs, cost for TB, labs, OI treatment and prophylaxis, nutrition, service delivery costs
  • Benefit–cost ratios (total costs savings divided by total costs of the intervention) as well as cost- effectiveness measures such as cost per HIV infection averted, cost of death averted, child and total infections averted, treatment cost savings, net and total intervention costs, and net cost per infection or death averted


Can be somewhat of a “black box” in that you can not see the equations or change them easily

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