ART Costing Tool Crosswalk: Goals Model

Goals Model

Link to ART Costing Crosswalk Analysis Table (PDF, 34 KB)

Model Methodology

  • Uses Spectrum as inputs for basic epidemiology and demand data.
  • Data are gathered from health ministry offices, health care facilities, donors, implementing organizations, and published reports.
  • Epidemiological data are collected from local studies, modes of transmission studies, and regional defaults.

Questions Answered

Calculates the relative cost-effectiveness of HIV/AIDS interventions.

  • How much funding is required to achieve the goals of the strategic plan?
  • What goals can be achieved with the available resources?
  • What is the effect of alternate patterns of resource allocation on the achievement of program goals?
  • What resources are required to expand coverage of prevention, care, treatment, and mitigation services to all who need them?
  • What goals can be achieved with the available resources?
  • How can resources be allocated most efficiently to provide the greatest benefit?
  • What is the gap between resources required and those available?
  • What will be the impact of cuts in current levels of funding?

Program Areas

Prevention, treatment, and care (including provider-initiated testing, prophylaxis for OIs, ART, nutritional support, laboratory monitoring, dental programs for PLWH, psychological treatment and support, palliative care, home-based care, alternative and informal providers, outpatient care, treatment of OIs, inpatient care, patient transport, and emergency rescue), OVC, AIDS program development, human resources, mitigation, community development and research

Data Outputs

  • Prevalence, incidence, infections averted, coverage of ART, OI treatment, palliative care, OI prophylaxis, and OVC
  • Number of services delivered (intervention quantity)


  • Requires a lot of data
  • Does not incorporate macroeconomic conditions
  • With input prices provided by the user, the tool assumes that the cost of inputs does not change over the years covered.

Online Access

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