Structural Approaches to HIV Prevention Position Paper Series & Resource Tool

This set of five position papers was co-commissioned by AIDSTAR-One and the STRIVE research consortium to address critical issues within the field of structural interventions for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV in general populations. The papers present both academic and field-based perspectives on key concepts and definitions, operational approaches, programmatic experience, and the current evidence base linking structural factors to HIV risk. Additionally, the draft resource tool provides U.S. Government (USG) teams and decision makers with guidance on prioritizing and operationalizing structural programming.


Cover for Resource Tool for Structural Approaches to HIV Prevention - DRAFT

Resource Tool for Structural Approaches to HIV Prevention - DRAFT

By Amelia Rock, Molly Fitzgerald, & Helen Cornman


Structural Drivers

Structural Drivers, Interventions, and Approaches for Prevention of HIV in General Populations: Definitions and an Operational Approach

By Justin Parkhurst

Policy and Programme Response

Policy and Programme Responses for Addressing the Structural Determinants of HIV

By Paul Pronyk and Brian Lutz

Intervening Upstream

Intervening Upstream: A Good Investment for HIV Prevention

By Lori Heise and Charlotte Watts

Incorporating a Structural Approach

Incorporating A Structural Approach Within Combination HIV Prevention: An Organising Framework

By James R. Hargreaves

Operationalising Structural

Operationalising Structural Interventions for HIV Prevention: Lessons from Zambia

By Cynthia Bowa and Timothy L. Mah