PEPFAR Expert Meeting on Post-Rape Care for Children in Primary Health Centers that Provide HIV Care

April 2012, Washington, DC- The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), in coordination with the Together for Girls outside link partnership, convened a one-day expert meeting on post-rape care for children in primary health centers that also provide HIV care. The impetus for the meeting stemmed from the need to develop systematic guidance on provision of post-rape care services for persons under the age of eighteen. Results from the PEPFAR I Sexual Gender-based Violence Initiative indicate that in primary health centers in Uganda and Rwanda a large proportion of patients presenting for post-rape services were under age 18. This is also true in a variety of countries and settings, but services are often tailored to adults; few are equipped to address the complex, multifaceted needs of children and adolescents. The objective of this meeting were to develop key recommendations for the delivery of post-rape care in primary health centers for those under age 18 and review existing guidelines and documents to develop technical considerations to inform PEPFAR specifically, and may be used by other partners and implementers more broadly.

PDF View the Summary Report (PDF, 432 KB)

View the post-rape care technical considerations resource: Clinical Management of Children and Adolescents Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence: Technical Considerations for PEPFAR Programs



Zambia: Livingstone General Hospital Child Sexual Abuse One Stop Centre Livingstone (PDF, 1.24 MB)
Presented by Derrick Sialondwe, Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Coordinator, Livingstone Hospital Pediatric Centre of Excellence, One Stop Centre

Zimbabwe: Post-Rape Care Services for Children-Experiences
(PDF, 167 KB)
Presented by Valerie Joan Tagwira, Trainer (Sexual Assault Management) & Gynecologist, (seconded to) Family Support Trust Clinic

Kenya: Post-Rape Care (PRC) and Gender-based Violence Response-Lessons Learnt for PRC Implementation (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Presented by Lina Digolo, Care and Treatment Manager, Liverpool VCT Care and Treatment

South Africa: GRIP-Rape Intervention Project (PDF, 1.56 MB)
Presented by Barbara Kenyon, Barbara Kenyon, CEO, Great Nelspruit Rape Intervention Program (GRIP)

Post-Rape Care (PRC) Services for Children: Experiences from DRC/SGBV
(PDF, 205 KB)
Presented by Christine Amisi, Panzi Hospital, Democratic Republic of Congo