A Compendium of Programs in Africa

This compendium describes how 31 programs in Africa are using gender strategies to improve HIV services and reduce vulnerability to HIV infection. Click on the tabs below to see how these programs are combining strategies, where gaps exist, what lessons were learned, and common experiences across programs.

From these 31 programs, 5 were selected as subjects of in-depth case studies. The five case studies and the resulting findings report are integrated into the compendium below, or you can view the whole Africa Gender Compendium Case Study Series.

View the Africa Gender Compendium Case Study Series Findings Report



We would like to thank the many colleagues who contributed to the development of this compendium. The members of the PEPFAR Gender Technical Working Group whose vision and technical input provided ongoing guidance and support to this effort include:

Lisa An (USAID)                                     Marissa Bohrer (OGAC, USAID)
Nomi Fuchs-Montgomery (OGAC)            Clint Liveoak (CDC)
Lauren Murphy (OGAC)                           Emily Osinoff (USAID)
Diana Prieto (USAID)                              Susan Settergren (CDC)
Madeleine Short (CDC)                           Laura Skolnik (USAID)
David Stanton (USAID)                           Anna Williams (USAID)

At ICRW, the vision for the Compendium began with Geeta Rao Gupta, Jessica Ogden, and Linda Sussman. The dedicated ICRW team brought the document to fruition, demonstrating real commitment to this effort. Team members include: Saranga Jain Anne Stangl Katherine Fritz Zayid Douglas Traci Eckhaus Noni Milici We would also like to thank the ICRW Communications team for their editorial support and finishing touches: Margo Young, Sandra Bunch, and consultant, Jennifer Nadeau. At AIDSTAR-One, we would like to thank Sharon Stash, Ed Scholl, Andrew Fullem, Frank DeSarbo, and Deborah Roseman for their ongoing support. We would also like to thank the USAID Cognizant Technical Officer manager of AIDSTAR-One, Shyami DeSilva.

We are grateful to the technical experts, who generously gave of their time and expertise in reviewing a draft of the Compendium, including:

Michal Avni (USAID)                                             Elizabeth Benomar (UNFPA)

Dr. Lynn Collins (UNFPA)                                       Nazneen Damji (UNIFEM)

Andrew Fullem (JSI)                                             Geeta Rao Gupta (ICRW)

Karen Hardee (Population Action International)        Julia Kim (University of the Witwatersrand; London School of Hygiene
and Tropical Medicine)

Purnima Mane (UNFPA)                                         Manisha Mehta (EngenderHealth)

Ken Morrison (Constella Futures)                            Ben Ochieng (Population Council)

Jessica Ogden (ICRW)                                           Dr. Mary Otieno (UNFPA)

Julio Pacca (Pathfinder)                                         Deborah Roseman (JSI)

Ed Scholl (JSI)                                                      Kathleen Selvaggio (ICRW)

Sharon Stash (JSI)                                                Richard Strickland (USAID)

Ellen Weiss (ICRW)                                               Terri Wingate (CDC – Côte d’Ivoire)

Most of all, it is with a great deal of respect and admiration that we thank the dedicated colleagues who are implementing the programs that are represented in this compendium. They are a visionary and dedicated group of thought leaders who are demonstrating how gender approaches can be incorporated into HIV/AIDS programs. We thank them for taking the time from their extremely busy schedules to share program details and lessons they have learned in implementing these programs.

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