Palliative Care and Pain Management

Palliative care is a key component of caring and supporting people living with HIV. As such, PEPFAR is strengthening countries' efforts to increase appropriate pain management and palliative care. In line with this strategic objective, AIDSTAR-One is working with the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) Outside link to increase the number and quality of national palliative care programs across Africa. In addition to supporting APCA in their strategic development, AIDSTAR-One has worked with them to develop technical resources designed to improve pain management and palliative care throughout the region. Access the two AIDSTAR-One-supported resources and other palliative care resources on the APCA website:

PDF Beating Pain: A Pocket Guide for Pain Management in Africa Outside link (PDF, 947 KB)
PDF Associação Africana de Cuidados Paliativos Derrotando a Dor Outside link (PDF, 1.1 MB)

This guide targets clinicians to improve their knowledge and skills in managing pain in an African clinical setting. It pays special attention to children's needs and is accompanied by a self-directed e-learning guide that supports ongoing education.

PDF Palliative Care: A Handbook of Palliative Care in Africa Outside link (PDF, 1.74 MB)
PDF Un Manuel de Soins Palliatifs en Afrique Outside link (PDF, 1.74 MB)

This handbook is designed to introduce the general population, including busy managers and administrators, to palliative care and to assist them in planning for palliative care services in the African context.

PDF Guidelines for the Use of the APCA African Palliative Outcome Scale for Adults Outside link (PDF, 1.05 MB)
PDF Guidelines for the Use of the APCA African Palliative Outcome Scale for Children Outside link (PDF, 1.25 MB)

This guide provides a simple tool for measuring care outcomes for patients receiving palliative care. It walks care providers through the steps of using the outcome scale as well as analyzing and using the data to improve patient care. Available for adult and pediatric patients.

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