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Case Study

During emergencies, the fragile healthcare infrastructures in many developing countries cannot address acute injuries while continuing to manage ch

An in-depth look at the Peter C. Alderman Foundation's efforts to integrate HIV services and referrals into their mental health program in the post

The Health Initiatives for the Private Sector (HIPS) Project is a model for involving private providers in a national HIV/AIDS prevention and treat

Family Planning Integration Documents

Uganda has enjoyed relative stability, has achieved economic reform, and has had many political and social advances since 1986, under President Yow

Promising Practice

Y.E.A.H. is a multi-channel communication campaign for young people that combines mass media, person-to-person, and community

mass media, transactional sex, youth

Health Initiatives for the Private Sector (HIPS), a USAID-funded project, partners with private companies to design and implem

The AYA strategy focused on implementing and scaling up a comprehensive set of six integrated adolescent sexual and reproducti

UPHOLD - CSO decided to make a contribution towards meeting the growing need to support HIV/AIDS prevention among sexually act

Stepping Stones is a workshop series designed as a training package to help promote sexual and reproductive health. The traini

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) was founded in 1987 by Noerine Kaleeba and 15 other colleagues, some of whom have now pas

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) with support from CDC implemented a home-based ART, prevention counseling and VCT program

Between July 2004 and July 2005, a research team discussed with girls and women individually and in focus groups the "wayo" sy

The Senga Model is a preventative gender technique that utilizes the traditional role of the father's sister, or senga, in edu

abstinence, community, mentoring, youth

In support of the National Strategic Framework for HIV/AIDS in Uganda, the AIM Project was designed to assist with increasing

President Museveni's Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth (PIASCY) was a unique component of th

EGPA's strategy in Uganda has been to complement Uganda Ministry of Health and private partners to cover human resource, infra

Issue Brief

Public-private partnerships are collaborative endeavors that combine resources from both the public and private sectors to achieve targeted goals.


Increasingly, health care waste (HCW) is generated in significantly large volumes and of diverse types. In order to fully understand the prevailin

This document aims to facilitate an understanding of the bi-directional relationship between HIV and food and nutrition security. It illustrates th

AIDSTAR-One developed and piloted educational tools to increase appropriate prescription and use of co-trimoxazole for eligible people living with

This technical report examines a nutritional assessment, counseling, and support (NACS) program in Uganda that uses a quality improvement approach


Helen Epstein provides insight into her book examining Uganda's pioneering Zero Grazing Campaign targeting multiple and concurrent sexual partnersh

Success Story

This success story is about the success of AIDSTAR-One in developing positive attitudes through training for improving practices of health care wor

This success story is about the success of AIDSTAR-One in establishing a system working with a private company and health centers for recycling pla

The story is about the success of AIDSTAR-One advocacy for protecting health care workers with Hepatitis-B vaccination.

The story is about the success of AIDSTAR-One in leveraging resources from government as well as USG partners for health care waste management.

Health Policy Initiative Document

This document presents the potential cost and impact of scaling up medical MC services in Botswana.