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Case Study

In recent years, the once-insular Maasai people of Longido District in northern Tanzania have established greater contact with non-Maasai populatio

In the Dominican Republic, two nongovernmental organizations offer comprehensive, integrated HIV and other health services that serve the special n

This case study documents how the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) is effectively mainstreaming HIV/AIDS and broader health issues into their  natural

In areas of high HIV prevalence, people living with HIV often fail to adhere to their treatment not because HIV care is unavailable, but because th

There continues to be a tremendous focus on enrolling people in treatment programs and ensuring that they remain in care. This case study examines


AIDSTAR-One’s Contributions to PEPFAR’s Roadmap for Creating an AIDS-free Generation

Join AIDSTAR-One and the USAID Office of HIV/AIDS on Th

Addressing the Needs of Adolescents Living with HIV: A Webinar Series

Please join us for the last discussion, a presentation on the AIDSTAR-

mapping, youth

Webinar on Creating an AIDS-free Generation:
AIDSTAR-One’s Contributions to

Together with USAID and PEPFAR, AIDSTAR-One is presenting a series of events highlighting how the six-year project has supported the development an

Please join us for the third discussion in the series, a presentation on The Adolescent Perspective: Creating Adolescent Friendly Transition Polici

AIDSTAR-One/Africa Bureau, youth

PEPFAR, in collaboration with AIDSTAR-One, is presenting a series of webinars targeting program planners and policy makers interested in improving

The International AIDS Conference is the premier gathering for those working in HIV, including policy makers, persons living with HIV, and other in

Promising Practice

The Central Asian Program on AIDS Control and Intervention Targeting Youth and High-Risk Groups (CAPACITY) Project aims to bui

Technical Consultation Material

March 2011, Washington, DC - Participants at this meeting shared FP/HIV/MNCH integration experiences, identified research priorities for e


The United States President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Caribbean Regional Program seeks to help countries achieve sustainable and ep

AIDSTAR-One, en colaboración con el Centro de Investigación y Estudios de la Salud (CIES), la Red Trans de Nicaragua, Asociación Nicaragüense de

Para conocer mejor a la población trans de Panamá y sus necesidades de salud, así como los factores que les impiden acceder a una adecuada atención

Para conocer mejor a la población trans de Guatemala y sus necesidades de salud, así como los factores que les impiden acceder a una adecuada atenc

Para conocer mejor a la población trans de El Salvador y sus necesidades de salud, así como los factores que les impiden acceder a una adecuada ate

This study, conducted in six states in Nigeria, explores community perceptions of PMTCT and safe male circumcision (SMC) services and identifies ba

Technical Brief

In sub-Saharan Africa, HIV has negatively impacted both natural resource management (NRM) and economic growth (EG). This technical brief is a resou

Although only 4 of the 12 Anglophone Caribbean countries publicly collect HIV prevalence data among men who have sex with men (MSM), in Jamaica,

Tools and Curricula

Increasing numbers of perinatally infected children are surviving to adolescence and adulthood. This group is emerging as a unique population and a

En fechas recientes ha aumentado el número de médicos , personal de enfermería, trabajo social y otros profesionales de la salud que han recibido c