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Case Study

The influence of religious groups in parts of Latin America positions them to target most-at-risk populations (MARPs) who may have been overlooked

Promising Practice

Community Care in Nigeria (CCN) is a 3-year programme that aims to improve the quality of life of 12,500 Orphans and Vulnerabl

Agents of Change is a peer education program intended for use in a church setting. Church-based young people are as much at ri

Health Policy Initiative Document

Guide focusing on building the capacity of religious leaders to address gender-based violence in their communities.

Description of design and adoption of HIV prevention curricula for Islamic middle schools in East Java, Indonesia.

This case study describes how TO1 of the HPI and its predecessor, the POLICY Project, helped establish Kenya's first national network of HIV-positi

This brief documents the involvement of Islamic leaders in Indonesia in influencing policies and attitudes towards HIV at the community level.

This training manual aims to educate religious leaders and communities about how they can come together to end violence against women.

This manual is designed to guide trainers in conducting awareness raising workshops for religious leaders and women leaders of faith on GBV and HIV