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Technical Consultation Material

February 2012, South Africa - This regional workshop, funded by PEPFAR's most-at-risk populations technical working group and supported by

June 2011, Washington, DC - Together with partners from United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS, the World Health Organization, the Bil

September 2010, South Africa - This three-day meeting brought together 117 health professionals from 14 countries in Eastern and Southern

La “Consulta Técnica Regional sobre el Tratamiento Antirretroviral para Latino America y el Caribe” se realizó en Santo Domingo, República Dominica


AIDSTAR-One developed and piloted educational tools to increase appropriate prescription and use of co-trimoxazole for eligible people living with

Technical Brief

In April 2008, the WHO Technical Reference Group for Pediatric HIV/ART and Care released a series of nine updated recommendations for diagnostic

Increasing demand for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in developing countries necessitates a renewed focus on models that increa

Health Policy Initiative Document

This paper describes the HPI's effort to develop a better understanding of fundamental barriers to policy implementation through conducting a Poli

This activity was designed to pilot a methodology and set of tools to identify key barriers to implementing programs under PEPFAR.

This guide provides practical steps to develop and implement HIV care and prevention programs for both employees and managers in Mexico.

This case study documents how stakeholders in Uttarakhand used the PIAT to assess the state's 2002 Health and Population Policy.

This case study summarizes the findings of an review conducted by the HPI in order to assess the policy and programmatic implications of task shift

This brief provides an overview of the Policy Implementation Assessment Tool designed by HPI | TO1.

This tool designed by the HPI assists government and civil society advocates in "taking the pulse" of policies in their countries.

implementation, policy, toolkits

This brief summarizes the key findings from an assessment conducted by HPI TO1 of Guatemala's HIV/AIDS program.