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HIT Compendium: HIT research & tools to facilitate quality improvement of antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs.

Treatment Guideline Database: Includes national HIV and AIDS treatment guidelines from over 50 countries.

Draft Capacity Assessment Tool: Assesses country-level capacity to take on greater responsibility for planning and managing HIV care and treatment programs.

ART Crosswalk Analysis: This crosswalk analysis evaluates and compares nine ART costing models on factors such as model utility, data output, and impact on policy decisions.
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Technical Report Image
Case Studies
Legal Units
Legal Units in Côte d'Ivoire aims to protect the rights of children and their families. Read more.
Coffee, Popcorn, Soup, and HIV
The Breedlove Project integrates HIV programming with nutrition programming in Ethiopia. Read More.
Swinging to New Heights
The SIDHAS program helps to mitigate risks faced by Nigeria's OVC. Read More.
AIDSTAR-One's OVC technical resources are also available on, a global hub for the exchange of experience, practice and tools on policy and programming about children and HIV. For comprehensive OVC resources, please visit
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PMTCT Continuum of Care Services

The PMTCT Continuum of Care represents a comprehensive range of prevention, treatment, and care services for pregnant women and their infants during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond.


Promising Practive in Focus
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AIDSTAR-One has collected PMTCT National Guidelines from several countries, including Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Swaziland and Lesotho. These documents, along with HIV treatment guidelines from over 25 countries, are available in the Treatment Documents database on AIDSTAR-One.


Technical Report: Increasing Access to Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission Services

This report discusses the many services needed throughout the (PMTCT) and infant care services continuum and identifies potential barriers to service coverage, access, and utilization.

HIV/AIDS Continuum of Care

Based on the World Health Organization's concept of a holistic continuum of care approach, AIDSTAR-One's care and support resources are categorized in the following four ways. Click below for access to research tailored to each category:


Technical Brief

Mental Health and HIV/AIDS

Anxiety and depression, cognitive impairment, and substance abuse are often undetected and under-treated in people living with HIV (PLWH). Read More

Case Study
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Meeting the HIV, MNCH, & Social Support Needs of Mothers & Young Children Learn More
Improving the Lives of People Living with HIV through WASH: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. Learn More
"There is no Health without Mental Health." Learn More

AIDSTAR-One's resources are designed to assist program planners and implementers developing and implementing HIV testing and counseling interventions, including:

HTC Update

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Technical Consultation
Rapid Testing, Rapid Results

Increasing Access to HIV Testing, Results, and Services

This technical consultation reviewed the use of HIV rapid testing in Asia, focusing on program successes, challenges, and barriers. Read more.

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HIV Testing Among MSM in Thailand
AIDSTAR-One situational analysis report focused on addressing issues affecting uptake of HTC among MSM.

South-to-South (s2s) Exchange
AIDSTAR-One facilitated a s2s exchange of technical assistance in support of Swaziland's HBHTC pilot.


Gender Strategies in Concentrated Epidemics Case Study Series

A series of case studies that describe how nine programs are integrating gender strategies into programs working with most-at-risk populations (MARPs).

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STIGMA Foundation pictureOutreach to Most-at-Risk Populations through SIDC in LebanonPRASIT: Using Strategic Behavioral Communication to Change Gender Norms in Cambodia
SANGRAM's CollectivesEmpowering MSM in ColumbiaSex Work and Life with Dignity: Sex Work, HIV, and Human Rights Program in Peru
Breaking New Ground in VietmanDifferent Needs But Equal RightsFollow the Voice of Life
More on Gender
A Compendium of 31 programs in Africa using gender strategies to improve HIV services and reduce vulnerability to infection.
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